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Research and development sites in Togo selected

March 23, 2011

Between March 17 and 22, a mission was organized to Togo and to Accra. In Togo five rice production sites, three inland valleys and two irrigated lowlands, were visited. The Togolese government is investing on a large scale in rice production. Large areas are being newly developed, rehabilitated or extended. Systems with an area of up to 1000 hectare are no exception.

ITRA has a long research history in the irrigated lowland Mission-Tové, which is currently being rehabilitated. Research for the SMART-IV project will be setup here, while analyzing the response of different varieties to varying water management and changes in growing season. Farmers in two inland valleys in the Plateaux will be introduced to the sawah technology. The inland valleys, Kpele-Tutu and Sodo, have an area of approximately 20 hectare and are located along the road between Kpalimé and Atakpamé. Irrigation system, constructed in the 70’s, are partially working. Many farmer groups cultivate rice twice a year during June-December and January-April. ITRA will start up participatory development activities as soon as possible.

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