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Powertiller was tested for land preparation in Bamé, Benin

July 29, 2011

Good land preparation is a must for improved water management in ‘sawah’ rice production. Fields must be well leveled to assure equal water distribution to plants. An essential part of the Asian way of rice cultivation in terraced ‘sawah’ fields is the puddling of soil. The soil structure is destroyed and and impermeable layer develops after several seasons of rice cultivation. The impermeable layer reduces water and nutrient losses through percolation. This system is extremely sustainable and it allows multiple harvests per year.

The functionality of a specific powertiller for puddling of soils in inland valley conditions was tested with farmers in the research fields in Bamé, Benin. The powertiller performs well, but soils must be in saturated conditions and well plowed before. The SMART-IV project will continue acquiring powertillers for the development sites in Togo and Benin.

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