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The long experience of sawah system development in Ghana (workshop day 2)

November 23, 2011

Sawah system development has been taken place in the Ashanti region around Kumasi, Ghana for almost two decades. Various projects were undertaken by JIRCAS, JICA, Kinky University and the African Development Bank and all had the same objective: increasing the area under rice cultivation in inland valleys. Today, 5 sites were visited from the different projects. Farmers explained the way they introduced sawah systems and what for them were the bottlenecks and the impact on their livelihood. One farmer developed 10 hectare, while in another area more than 40 farmers share an inland valley of approximately 3 hectare. The pictures below provide an impression of the day.

The 10 participants from Benin and Togo arrived for the SSD training and directly joined the field trip on the first day of their training to witness the achievements of good sawah system implmenetation. The training will continue with theoretical information on the technical administrative aspects of SSD and practical training on the construction of a sawah system. Below are the participants of the workshop and training.

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