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Sawah System Development activities taking off in Ouinhi

April 14, 2012

In Ouinhi, southern Benin, the first area has been prepared under Sawah System Development. A total of 7 farmers have cleared lands and developed Sawah systems under the leadership of Dr. Shin Abe. By mid-May around 1,5 ha of rice will be harvested and crop development shows promising yields.

The development site was visited with Dr. Moro Buri, an experienced scientist of Soil Research Institute working on inland valley rice development in Ghana.

“The development started with 10 farmers, but 5 farmers quickly stopped their participation”, explains Dr. Abe, “However two, new farmers decided to join the development in a later stage of the activities”.

The farmers showed their appreciation for the work done so far, but they showed their concerns regarding the marketing of their yields. “We are happy with the work done so far and we can easily develop another 10 ha of sawah. But we must be able to sell our yields, otherwise there will be no use for us to continue development”, explained the leader of the farmers.

Felix Gbaguidi of Cellule Bas-Fonds will bring the farmers in contact with the local extension services to find options for improved market access.

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