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Development activities taking off in Benin and Togo

August 23, 2012

Since the wet season 2012 the Sawah System Development activities are taking off in Benin and Togo. The national partners CBF and ITRA develop SSD demonstration sites in a total of 14 locations. Both in Togo and Benin there are 7 locations across several agro-climatic zones. The design of the system and the implementation are entirely conducted in a participatory manner.

Sites have been selected and validated in April / May and with the start of the rainy season farmers have started developments. In the first year of the project, farmers are provided with seeds and fertilizers. In most locations, farmers are hesitant to develop large areas since they first want to witness the benefits of SSD.

The development activities are linked to the national extension services in Benin (CeCPA) and Togo (ICAT) to assure that farmers are linked to market for inputs for rice production and for selling their harvest. AfricaRice is conducting research on effective transfer mechanisms for knowledge and on improving market access for rice farmers.

The pictures below provide an impression of the activities and developments in the SSD demonstration sites in the recent months.

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