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Capacity building of students

May 11, 2013

Since the start of SMART-IV in 2009 many students have conducted research in the framework of the project. MSc students from Japan, Germany, Togo and Benin were trained and supervised by project members. Two students have submitted their thesis this year.

Mr André Kindjinou from Benin worked on mapping of inland valleys in Togo and assessing the agricultural intensity with the use of satellite remote sensing.

Mr Bjorn Nikolaus from Kiel, Germany worked on the calibration of the AquaCrop model for rice. He used the experimental data set of the Bamé experiment to make runs for various seasons.

Both MSc theses can be downloaded from the documents page.

The SMART-IV project finances one PhD research. A collaboration was set up with Bonn Universiy in Germany and last year Mr Alexandre Danvi from Benin was selected. His research will focus on mapping the the hydrology and water quality in inland valleys systems under different levels of agricultural intensification. For this purpose he selected three inland valleys around Djougou, central Benin that will be equipped with equipment to obtain detailed information on the water balance. The inland valleys vary from intensively used (one rice seasons followed by vegetables), normally used (one rice season) and extensively used (dominant natural vegetation). From May 2-4, 2013 Prof Bernd Diekkrüger of Bonn University visited the research areas. Some impresisons of the field visit are shown below.

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