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SMART-IV demonstration sites and trainings created impact in 2013!

October 12, 2013

Despite the lack of rains early in the season, farmers have continued there rice activities in most sites. Unfortunately, in some cases rice was abandoned or farmers continued at a smaller scale than foreseen. In both countries approaximately 40 ha is now cultivated in both the demonstration sites and the adoption sites. The figure below provides more details. In both countries, the project is active in three regions. And in each of the regions several demonstration sites have been set up. In Benin the sites are larger in area, but there are less in total, whereas the sites in Togo are often much smaller, but they are more numerous.

The demonstration sites are now creating impact, already in the second year of the project. In Benin one site is now under Sawah System Development and it was developed by farmers solely without outside technical support. In Togo several of such sites have been observed in the Kpalime region, but not all of them have yet been identified. In the trainings given in Togo there was participation from field technicians of the NGOs ETD and GRED. They have now developed several sites in the central and outhern regions with limited technical support from the SMART-IV project. These sites have been inventoried and were added to the map.

ssd activities 2013

These results are preliminary and more details on farmer participation and areas will be provided in due course!

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