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The agricultural development sector gathered in Cotonou for the Rice Innovations Fair

September 8, 2014

On September 1 and 2, the Africa Rice Center organized the first Rice Innovations Fair. Scalable rice technologies developed by AfricaRice and its national partners were presented and demonstrated to a wide audience from the agricultural development sector in Benin and Togo. These includes delegates from various national and regional NGO’s, research organizations, ministries and donors. AfricaRice researchers presented technologies that have been developed, tested and evaluated in the field and that are ready for scaling out. These technologies included:

  • Smart-valleysa participatory and low-cost development approach
  • Inland valley atlasassessing the potential for development
  • RiceAdvicelocalized farmer advice for nutrient management
  • Multi-stakeholder platformsimproving farmers’ access to the value chain
  • Powertillerslocal adaptation to support multiple use
  • ARICAnew lines of rice varieties
  • Mechanic weedersreducing labour in rice production
  • USD Parboiler – energy efficient and improved quality
  • ASI Thresherhigh-capacity thresher for clean rice
  • PLAR – Participatory Learning & Action Research for improving farmer practice

This was followed by demonstrations of the ASI thresher, the USD parboiler and an adapted powertiller for multifunctional use. New contacts were established with the aim to improve the efficiency of agricultural development projects by incorporating new technologies.

The second day a visit was paid to the Cummune of Ouinhi where several inland valleys have been developed using the Smart-valleys approach. The visitors were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Ouinhi who once again stipulated the importance of the collaboration with AfricaRice and Cellule Bas-Fonds to improve the rice production in his commune. A participatory evaluation of mechanic weeders was performed. The day ended with a meal of locally produced rice.

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