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MSc theses

Andre KINDJINOU – Mapping of inland valleys in Togo (2013)

Björn NIKOLAUS – AquaCrop modeling of rice yield and water productivity (2013)

Gertrude TOGNITE – Effect of Sawah on soil fertility and yields (2012)

Maurice MONDEGNON – Effect of Sawah on yield and WP (2012)

Hernaude AGOSSOU – Integrated water and nutrients management (2011)

PhD Research

Alexandre DANVI – PhD proposal Bonn University

Technical projects reports

Annual technical report 2012-13

Annual technical report 2011-12

Annual technical report 2010-11

Annual technical report 2009-10

Final technical report SMART-IV 2009-14

SSD development reports

SSD development in pictures – TOGO (2012 season)

SSD development in pictures – BENIN (2012 season)

SMART-IV SSD report 2012


SMART-IV mid-term project workshop, 21-23 May 2012 (Cotonou, Benin)

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